Moonlight & Martinis – Vintage Fair

I feel a bit like, ladies that lunch, although that to me is getting drunk in the middle of the day and tripping out of the pub at 5pm slightly worse for the wear.

The Vintage Fair is opening in a few days and what amazing array of items available. [ae] have this stunning dress available called Diana, simply beautiful, also GingerFish poses, yes again, as Tracy knows I love a drink once in a while *coughs* ok don’t laugh.

All I can say is have your TP finger ready when The Vintage Fair opens, you will not be disappointed. 

Hair – Vanity Hair – Glittering Heights
Head – Catwa – Catya
Skin – L’etre – Halle
Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara
Dress – [ae] – Diana Dress – The Vintage Fair (8th June – 24th June)

Rings – [VEX] – Alice Eternity Set Platinum – N21

PoseGingerFish Poses – Moonlight and Martinis – The Vintage Fair (8th June – 24th June)
Pic taken at Elysion 


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I've been in SL from November 2008. All I can say is, this is going to be my online wardrobe, I love shopping on Second Life, it's my favorite past time.

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