So today I was blindsided, some of you may know I co-own a sim along with my partner Ziggy, and we have it open to the public.  Today I log in to an angry IM from someone who was bothered on the sim last night, she then accused it of being my alt and my partners alt and that we were trying to say there was land for rent on the sim.  This has bothered me on so many levels, firstly I will never rent to anyone on the sim apart from close friends, so I had 2 people thinking they could rent part of my land to others? So they got banned.  Secondly, this girl accused me that it could have been an alt, seriously if my partner and I were logged in as alts, the last thing we would be doing is talking to anyone, we would be too busy enjoying each other without being interrupted by others. Seriously, people really bother me sometimes. I will stop ranting now.  I will say one thing though, it’s nice to be nice.    


Hair – Moon. x [VALE KOER] – Hair. // Fatal Horizon 
Head – Catwa – Catya
Skin – Tres Beau – Vanessa
Face Cuts – Arise – Face Wounds
Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara
Dress – Vinyl – Otherside Mini Dress & Choker – Access

Arm Straps – *MUKA* Arm Strap – Lara

Pose – GingerFish Poses – Give Good Face – eBENTO



  1. Sadly too many automatically assume the worst and attack without taking the time to evaluate what really is happening. An alt…yeah…I’m with you. If I had an alt, I would be relaxing, not connecting with anyone or anything business related. Sheesh!


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