Chewing the Cud

So I know for some of my friends, they are going to laugh at the title, but if we could all do this on SL a little more, it would be a less heated place. 

chew the cud

uk informal us chew your cud

to think slowly and carefully about something:

We are all quick to jump at another person, not knowing, what they are going through, or even what sort of day they have had.  I guess all I’m saying is…It’s nice to be nice. 


Another week ends, so time to get on SL and shop! Sorry, not alot to say tonight, my head hurts too bad.  Much Love and off you go, shop til you drop! 

Easter Fun better_final.jpg

Hair – :::Phoenix::: Fiora Hair – Black Fair
Head – GENUS Project – Baby Face
Skin – MILA – Naina
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Top & Skirt – Lybra – Mely Set – Kustom9

Pose – <Emozione> – Adored
Pic taken at Scarlett Isle

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I've been in SL from November 2008. All I can say is, this is going to be my online wardrobe, I love shopping on Second Life, it's my favorite past time.

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