Its the start of a new week, and the news of another attack over the weekend in London saddens me, my heart goes out to the families.  We need to find a way though, my only voice on the subject is, Love overall beats hatred. So love a little bit harder. ♥ Cynful have this released updated colours especially for […]

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Fluffy Unicorns

So I dived into Youtube to see what I could come up with involving unicorns, posted below, you’re welcome! *laughs* !Rebel Hope have released this gorgeous bikini at FaMESHed for the June round, the fatpack has a full range of 12 colours, 4 of those bonus colours for the pack, with interchangeable strings. Summer has arrived in secondlife and this […]

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The Way I Do

Not much to say on this post but ‘I feel pretty, oh so pretty’ *coughs*, ok enough of that. The hair from Exile is new and is bento enabled, and it blows in the wind, it looks like a slight breeze is blowing through the hair, and looks pretty cool.  The Romper I had to snatch up from Blueberry. This […]

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Adventure starts here

When I think of Adventure, I think…Shit, lets do this! Especially on SL, a good motto to have is, try everything at least once, and a few more times incase you aren’t sure. Anyone that knows me, pretty much knows I have a mouth like a sailor, so when I seen the ChicModa retextured options of the Kat dress that […]

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Drunk Panda have Moved!

This pose is available as a Group Gift for one week only! So better get over there, join the group and pick this up.  Its called Just You And Me Couple Pose and as you can see…Its Divine! Drunk Panda – New LM Featured Pic Wearing: Hair – .Olive. – the Berry Hair – Rewind Head – Catwa – Lona […]

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Moving Day

Be right back they said! So here I stand, hoping I don’t land on my ass, but on the up-side I’ve got this awesome set from Drunk Panda to show off, the Box Sofa Set has the Sofa, Table and matching rug. There is also a pose version and an animation version. Available in a few colours – Grey, Black, […]

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Smoke Break

Any smoker will tell you, the best place to be when you go out drinking is where the smokers are. Doesn’t matter if you have never met them, they will treat you like the long lost family they never met.   Suppose we are in a way, shunned by society to hang out on the pavements or if we are […]

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London is calling

Last time I was on the Underground was about this time last year, when I went to do ‘Walk the walk’ in aid of Breast cancer in London. An experience and a half, for a worthwhile cause. The tube wasn’t as empty and I wasn’t looking soo good. Cosmopolitan’s new round opened yesterday and Chic Moda have done it again.  This gorgeous […]

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The Last Forever

So it is a known that I spend WAY too much time on my platform, when I logged in today, I decided I was going exploring, first place I arrived I knew I was going to take pics.  The Last Forever is home to Kraftwork, BIGBULLY, Powder Pack and HERA at present, but there are so many cute places to […]

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Surfin USA

Luckily I said USA and not Ireland or I would be wearing a full length wet suit with a hood and everything! Not a good look, but luckily its SL where the sun always shines and !Rebel Hope have provided a beautiful bikini called Cassy.  Its available in 8 colours, but of course if you get the fatpack there are […]


Cynfully free

As I mentioned in a previous post, [Cynful] had their anniversary this weekend, all I can say is that there were dance poles involved, and quite a few hours of music.  The post though is to point out that they have generously set out group gifts outside the store. Both stunning as you can agree.  So get over there and […]


Lipstick Love

Don’t you just hate when you spill wine on your dress..yea yea don’t laugh, it can happen, luckily not often but as I stand here waiting on the dryer to finish up, let me tell you about the latest event to hit the grid.  It’s called eBENTO and as you get from the title, it’s everything bento related, including these […]

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It’s oh so quiet, shhhh

Rebel Hope have released 2 gorgeous bikinis at the Mainstore, the one I’m wearing right now is called Brinkly. Its available in 8 colours, but of course if you get the fatpack there are another 4 bonus colours. If in doubt, always fatpack! Wearing: Hair – Pr!tty – Endless – Enchantment (May) Head – Catwa – Lona Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body […]

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Oh! Wrecking ball.

I didn’t really, I snuck in without you realising and now I’m here to stay *laughs*  Ooh and while I’m here, I should sing Happy Birthday to [Cynful], but I won’t do it on voice, because I want to keep you all here, so I can tell you all about the dress! [Cynful] have opened their brand new store which […]

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Rewind to the 80’s

I’ve been off today, so I was able to get over to the Rewind event, after picking up some items I came home and starting thinking about 80’s music, so i popped open YouTube and have spent most of the day reminiscing about that time. I was 9 years old when a-ha released ‘Take on me’ and I was hooked, […]

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Dance with my devil

Drunk-Panda have done it again, and released an awesome set of poses.  These are called DanceWithMyDevil available in the Mainstore. Of course with me being angelic as I am, I added a little white to the pic.  Don’t laugh, it’s angelic as I get, ok?   Poses – DrunkPanda Mainstore – DanceWithMyDevil 2 & DanceWithMyDevil 5 Wearing: Hair – Little Bones – […]