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I’m a great believer in, if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing. Or at least be diplomatic in responses to anyone.  No one has any idea of what the person you speak to on Second life is dealing with on any particular day.  This goes for real life too, be nice people, manners are easily carried.   Lybra […]

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Phew! Yup, Blueberry have us all looking hawt again. I would suggest the fatpack in this, cos…just look! Wearing Hair – #Foxy – Hotline Hair Head – Catwa – Lona Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara 4.1 Top & Panties – Blueberry – Tinker Tops Legwarmers & Shoes – Blueberry – Tinker Set Accessories Choker – (Yummy) – Celestial Charm Choker Piercings – SU! – Septum Piercing & […]

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What Floor?

I should be terrified of lifts.. On my first ever holiday abroad, we were staying on the 8th floor, the lifts were in the centre of the building, the electric was forever going out, so the lifts would stop between floors.  We would prise the doors open and slide our bodies down onto the previous floor and take the stairs. […]

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Country walk….Time for a drink.

As you are all aware, I’m Irish, so if we go for a walk in the country, we are never too far away from a pub! If you are unfortunate enough not to be within walking distance of one, I recommend you bring your own. Never to sure when you might need one! I loved Uber this round, although my […]

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The Way I Do

Not much to say on this post but ‘I feel pretty, oh so pretty’ *coughs*, ok enough of that. The hair from Exile is new and is bento enabled, and it blows in the wind, it looks like a slight breeze is blowing through the hair, and looks pretty cool.  The Romper I had to snatch up from Blueberry. This […]

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The Last Forever

So it is a known that I spend WAY too much time on my platform, when I logged in today, I decided I was going exploring, first place I arrived I knew I was going to take pics.  The Last Forever is home to Kraftwork, BIGBULLY, Powder Pack and HERA at present, but there are so many cute places to […]