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Wind to the left, sway to the right..

Isn’t this just the perfect coat for the Irish weather, plus the added bonus of, what is under it!  Is she wearing sexy lingerie or something else. My ear-worm for the weekend below. Wearing Hair – little bones. – Tachyon – C88 Skin – YS&YS – Felicia Tone 2 Head – Catwa – Lona Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara Tattoo – [M]A.C. [D]ESIGN – Infinity – eBENTO […]

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Back to Black.

It’s Tuesday and the start of my week, cry for me, I’m already tired and ready for the weekend again. Yea yea, I know, stop wishing my life away, can’t help it though.  Lots of shopping to be done around the grid.  Romp is open both Lybra with this hot little dress, and Bueno with this settee, available in a […]

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Caged Heart

Love is everything, so when you find it, hold on tight. We all need it in our lives, whether it be friends, family or a partner. FaMESHed is opening on January 2nd, and BUENO have this gorgeous sweater available, so it gives you all time to get over the hangovers in time for the opening. ♥ Wearing Hair –  tram – […]

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Drinking alone

It’s that time of year, drinking on your own is acceptable.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Uber is open and BUENO have this stunning dress available there. Wearing Hair – Navy&Copper – Plum – Uber Skin – YS&YS – Rose Tone 2 Head – Catwa – Lona Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara  Dress – BUENO – Jas Sweater Dress – Uber Accessories  […]

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Christmas Festivities

It’s the start of the season for lots of over indulgence, food, alcohol. Better get it all fitted in before January arrives and we all wonder how we gained that extra weight. The Arcade started at the beginning of December, and if you haven’t been, have you been hiding under a rock? BUENO have this gorgeous set including a light […]

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Where did my wishes go?

So today is my 9th Rez Day, yup I’ve been floating around this mad world for 9 years, I do believe that is like 90 years RL. haha.  What have I figured out in 9 years? I’d say not alot, apart from keep your circle small. A few years ago I was lucky enough to become part of ‘The Cunts’ […]

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Where is my Allowance!

Throws on a baseball cap and heads to the ATM, I need my coffee! It’s Tuesday and I’m back to work today, can I swap it for vodka?  Pretty Please? Lots of events and shopping to be done around the grid at the minute. Wearing Hair – #taketomiWEST – Gwen – N21 Skin – YS&YS – Felicia Tone 2 Head – Catwa – Lona […]

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Morning Wood

I had so much fun taking this pic, there were a few ‘Ooh looks like you are pleased to see me or that’s a truncheon in your pocket’ jokes. Thank you Kobie for doing the honours once again.  BUENO have these gorgeous shorts at Kustom9, available in an abundance of colours, this round and *nods* they work wonders! Skip over […]

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Get her Pizza, don’t get her pregnant..

Sound advice from Bueno! I laughed when I read the Pizza box.  So while I lounge on the bed in Cynful’s Shelbylicious Set and stuff Pizza into my gob, let me add the items below and add where to get the goodies. Wearing Hair – #Foxy – Doll Skin – YS&YS – Rose Tone 2 Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body  Top & Shorts […]

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Secondlife is such an amazing place, lots to do, lots of amazing designers bringing us the fashion we all crave, sims to visit, live music performances to go to. Don’t wait. It’s Friday and you don’t have to wait to get into Kustom9 as it’s already open and  Bueno have released this outfit called Olivia, I love the casual look […]

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Money, Money, Money!

Lay on the money he said, it will be fun he said, THEN he taunts me with booze, how cruel is that! Last laugh will be mine though, cos when he is rat-assed, I’m getting out of this joint with the money.  Good luck finding me! Bueno have released this stack of money at Romp and oooh what alotta poses, […]

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Summer Something

I’ve talked a bit about our summers here, well I gotta say this year, hasn’t been so bad. We might have rain, but at least its warm. Uber opened on 25th and I am loving this round.  BUENO have released this hawt net bikini, it comes in 3 styles, Full (I’m wearing), Net Only and Bikini only. The fatpack comes […]

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Music is my Master

Omgawd soo much shopping, soo little time! Kustom9, EBento & Ultra have opened. I’m back to work this week and I’m not looking forward to it, but I suppose it will be good to get back to some sort of normality. BUENO have released these superb headphones at Kustom9 this round on a gacha, go drop some lindens on this […]

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It’s holiday week for me! Yay. I haven’t booked to go anywhere this week, my plan is doing lots of nothing.  Though tonight my son’s driving instructor insists I got to go on the lesson with them. WTF does this actually mean? So this may actually be my last post..ever! Joking, I don’t think he is that bad.  Much to […]

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Lets go on a Road Trip she said!

It will be fun…she said! Though in fairness, I made her push the car *laughs* Thank you so much Sady for teaming up with me on this one, I had alot of giggles.  We both have lots of newness to show you, Sady with her hot skirt and top from Bueno and myself in Cynful’s goodness, all from C88 this […]