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Early Morning..

She crawls out of bed, makes a huge cup of coffee and stands by the window, watching the few people awake this early, rush from one place to another.  Wondering what each of them are thinking as they travel.  Just one more coffee, before her day starts, she thinks.. Wearing Hair – .Entwined – Amelia  Skin – YS&YS – Felicia Tone 2 Head – Catwa – […]

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Farewell Templemore

It’s a sad day, Templemore’s stages rumbled for the last time, last night.  There were 2 hours of live music, Sassy at 4 pm and Tally at 5 pm slt.  Two amazing artists for the last set.  It’s didn’t go without mishap, SL being SL, decided to be a dick just before it kicked off.  It seemed to settle off […]

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Hold my hand forever

Don’t we look as cute as a button, though right after this pic was taken, Kobie kicked me in the shin and run off! *snorts* ok maybe he didn’t kick me, but he definitely pushed me down the hill.   Still got a chance to grab this cute pose from Drunk Panda called ‘Hold my hand forever’ from Limit8.  It’s also the […]

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Always Here

Drunk Panda have released Autumn poses at Limit8, and they are cute cute cute.  You will see a few of them crop up in the next few days, but first let me show you ‘Always here’ first.  I nabbed Kobie again for the shoot, he has taken a few of his own too, you can find them here. Wearing Hair […]

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You Shall Not Pass

*Wiggles her ass* FaMESHed is open for the September round and OMGawd the selection this month is jaw-dropping.  !Rebel Hope have this stunning set and *giggles* Grace is hawt as hell. Mmhm the Lingerie set is named after me, and Kess shoes! I nabbed Kobie for another photo and we are using the Drunk Panda pose ‘You shall not pass’ […]

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I Just See You

Kobie to the rescue for one of my posts, still one of my closest friends even though I don’t see him enough. Pr!tty have this cute style available at the Birthday round at Collabor88, you should get your pretty little paws on this before the round ends. Moon Tattoos are new to me and have a store on Marketplace, and […]

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Fight for it

Yes, I’m going to kick ass in heels, plus they will always double up as another weapon! I went back over to ThereAfter and there are some amazing places to take pics. Drunk Panda have poses available, single, couple, even a family pose. So if you haven’t been to ThereAfter yet, its time you did! Wearing Hair – [taketomi]-Delia_Platinums  Head – Catwa – […]

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Play with me..

Squeeeeeee, I LOVE these new poses that Drunk Panda have released to their main store called ‘Play with me’. Yes, you need them *nods*. I eventually managed to get to Epiphany, just before a restart and was able to pick up this set from Foxes, along with a few other things, before I had to make my escape.  Wearing Hair […]

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What Floor?

I should be terrified of lifts.. On my first ever holiday abroad, we were staying on the 8th floor, the lifts were in the centre of the building, the electric was forever going out, so the lifts would stop between floors.  We would prise the doors open and slide our bodies down onto the previous floor and take the stairs. […]

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Drunk Panda have Moved!

This pose is available as a Group Gift for one week only! So better get over there, join the group and pick this up.  Its called Just You And Me Couple Pose and as you can see…Its Divine! Drunk Panda – New LM Featured Pic Wearing: Hair – .Olive. – the Berry Hair – Rewind Head – Catwa – Lona […]

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Moving Day

Be right back they said! So here I stand, hoping I don’t land on my ass, but on the up-side I’ve got this awesome set from Drunk Panda to show off, the Box Sofa Set has the Sofa, Table and matching rug. There is also a pose version and an animation version. Available in a few colours – Grey, Black, […]

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Dance with my devil

Drunk-Panda have done it again, and released an awesome set of poses.  These are called DanceWithMyDevil available in the Mainstore. Of course with me being angelic as I am, I added a little white to the pic.  Don’t laugh, it’s angelic as I get, ok?   Poses – DrunkPanda Mainstore – DanceWithMyDevil 2 & DanceWithMyDevil 5 Wearing: Hair – Little Bones – […]

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Please me!

This is the newly released Couple-pose from Drunk Panda called Please Me, me being me and not having a willing participant online when I was taking the pic for the couple pose decided, I would use half, waste not, want not and all that. I’m hoping Johanna & Michael won’t be annoyed. I think it shows how versatile their poses […]

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No! You can’t borrow my car.

Last day off for me before I head back to work tomorrow.  I got to chill out with a few of my nearest and dearest, in both lives.  Some of you know my son had his first driving lesson last week. (this makes me feel really old) His driving instructor said he was too heavy on the accelerator, still not […]

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Morning Glory

The beginning of a new week for me, and back to work. Roll on Friday, I know I shouldn’t wish my life away, but sometimes its unavoidable. More gorgeous goodies from the amazing Cynful team. Wearing – Bra & Panties – [Cynful] – Coax Lingerie (Fatpack) – Available at the Mainstore Belly Chain – [Cynful] – Coax Bellychain (Fatpack) Available […]

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Halo. I think so!

Ok I can hear my friends laughing as they read the title. Yes I am an angel, but I’m the best kind, one that drinks and curses like a sailor.  It’s so close to the weekend I can almost smell it. So tonight I had a walk around We POSE – Drunk-Panda – ShowYourStyle 3 – Available at the Mainstore […]