Pretty in Pink

It’s Friday!! So far I’ve had an awesome morning, Hair Fair opens tomorrow and I jumped with glee when I was able to get in and buy some more hair, my hair folder is already ridiculous, but hey, we all need more hair on SL, right?  Today I show you one from KoKoLoReS hair and it’s gorgeous, I love the edgy style they put out.  So get your lindens ready for tomorrow, because you are going to need it, plus it’s for an amazing cause, Wigs for Kids ♥

pretty in pink5203925940797667461..jpg

Hair – [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Sanna – Hair Fair 2018 (Opens 22nd September)
Head – Catwa – Catya
Ears – L’etre – Taper Mesh ears
Skin – [theSkinnery] – Maye
Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara
Dress – BUENO – Sweater Dress – Uber (opens 25th September)

Ring – [VEX] – Alice Eternity Set Platinum

Pose – BellePoses – Helena Chair – Limit8
Backdrop – WeArH0uSE – [vent] Backdrop – Tres Chic

Hair Fair 2018

Walk in the Moonlight

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. ..

walk in the moonlight8693613175863927533..jpgWearing
Hair – [RA] – Brookie Hair – Shiny Shabby
Head – Catwa – Catya
Ears – L’etre – Taper Mesh ears
Skin – [theSkinnery] – Maye – C88
Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara
Dress – ChicModa – Grace
Shoes – Gos Boutique – Heidi Slingbacks – FaMESHed (Aug)

Necklace – Cae – Sol Necklace – FaMESHed Go
Ring – Vexiin – Alice Eternity Set Platinum

Pose – Foxcity – Devilish Bento Pose – Limit8
Pic taken at Achill Island

Peace, Love, Skate!

Why is it misery loves company.  This is part of SL I really do not understand, don’t get me wrong, we all have bad days, and we all have a selection of people we talk to when we are feeling like this, or withdraw for a bit to recharge, but to go out of your way to make someone else’s life as miserable as yours? I think this is when you need to walk away from the screen and go outside and take a deep breathe and realise how lucky you are to be alive. It’s always nice to be nice. More people need to remember that. Ok, enough of a rant from me!

FaMESHed opened yesterday, and they have soo many awesome goodies as always. Lamb with this awesome messy up style, perfect for summer days, Bueno have this sweet shorts and matched up with the off shoulder Vinyl top, I’m feeling all kinds of sporty. 

lamb, bueno, le poppycock_finalfinal84379559141966666..jpg

Hair – Lamb – Honey – FaMESHed
Head – Catwa – Catya
Skin – L’etre – Halle 
Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara
Top – Vinyl – Kygo Off Shoulder Top – FaMESHed
Shorts – BUENO – Half Shorts – FaMESHed

Rings – Zaara – Siya stacked rings 

Pose – Le Poppycock -*Peace, Love, Skate* – Pose Fair (July Round)
Backdrop – Paparazzi – 80s Dance Studio BACKDROP – Limit8


The Annex have this cute skirt today for The Saturday Sale at the mainstore, after this it goes to regular price.  There is still time to pick up the Pocketgacha HUD and try your hand at getting this cool style from Pr!tty, and of course not forgetting Summerfest, Ison have a selection of tops and Swimsuits with this beautiful off the shoulder style. Sooo much shopping, luckily it’s the weekend with plenty of time to do it. Happy Shopping! ♥

car burn_final2776058533960729940..jpg

Hair – pr!tty – Jeon – PocketGacha (June)
Head – Catwa – Catya
Skin – L’etre – Halle 
Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara
Top– ISON – Mara set – Summerfest 18
Skirt – The Annex – Priya Skirt – Saturday Sale (available at mainstore)

Sunglasses – Dahlia – Blair Sunglasses 

Pose –  Fashiowl – Road Trip – Limit8

Burning Car – Urban Wreckage Burning car wreck
Desert – (Milk Motion) road to nowhere – Desert Land (old gacha)

This is my home.

So I rarely talk about Ziggy, he really has captured my heart over the past few months, he is one of my fav people on the planet, his humour is pretty similar to mine which is always a bonus, I adore the time we have here, and I don’t think I tell him often enough.  I believe this is as content as I have been in a while.

Summerfest is open and I’m wearing a few items from there, Exile have this beautiful hair, I love love that the designers adding the style huds, so we can flick over one should or both.  It’s like having 4 hairs in 1, and we never can have enough hairs…right?  Izzie’s have a cute suncream available, a few of the options made me chuckle.  The Secret Store have this stunning bikini, it comes in lots of different colours.  So if you have not been over to Summerfest really have to. So many amazing designers. 

ziggy&grace summerfest_final1198435208049407416..jpg

Hair – Exile – Long Beach –Summerfest 18
Head – Catwa – Catya
Skin – L’etre – Halle 
Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara
Tattoo – Izzie’s – Body & Face Suncream – Summerfest 18
Bikini – The Secret Store – Naia Bikini – Summerfest 18

Rings – ^^Swallow^^ – Maitreya Egypt Bento Rings

Pose – POSE MANIACS – 257 – Limit8

Table – taikou – low wooden table – Summerfest 18
Bottle Bucket – taikou – iced ramune bucket – Summerfest 18
Pic taken at Ziggy’s

Heatwave – Summerfest 18

The weather forecast tells us we have another heatwave coming at the weekend, but I do live in Ireland and our summer usually consists of warm rain. I can live in hope, but in the meantime, Summerfest is open and the sun always shines in SL, soo drop into the event and get to shopping, all the items are amazing, so my  only advice is fill your linden wallet, as there will be lots of oooh I need this! Happy Shopping! ♥

summerfest 18 - first post_final2054195417430280506..jpg

Hair – Moon. Hair. – Summer Breeze –Summerfest 18
Head – Catwa – Catya
Skin – L’etre – Halle 
Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara
Tattoo – Queen of Ink – Sea speaks Tattoo – Limit8
Top– Vibing – Brittney Lush – Summerfest 18
Shorts – Addams – Trisha Denim Ripped Short
Flip Flops – [VALE KOER] – Lifestyle Flipflops – Collabor88

Sunglasses – Moon. – Diamond Framed Glasses Silver – Summerfest 18

Pose – an lar – The Laura Series – Summerfest 18

Fruit Cart – crate – Carrito de Fruta – Summerfest 18
Puppy – JIAN – Countryside Collies
Motel – (Milk Motion) – road to nowhere (old gacha)
Desert – (Milk Motion) road to nowhere – Desert Land (old gacha)
Cactus – (Milk Motion) – cactus (old gacha)


You got the look.

Music post today, but while you listen head over to Fantasy Faire and pick up this hot dress from The Annex. Happy Shopping! ♥

Prince – U got the look

Here we are folks
The dream we all dream of
Boy versus girl in the World Series of love
Tell me, have you got the look?

You walked in, I woke up
I’ve never seen a pretty girl
Look so tough, baby
You got that look

Color you peach and black
Color me takin’ aback
Crucial, I think I want ya

You’ve got the look (You’ve got the hook)
You sho’nuf do be cookin’ in my book
Your face is jammin’
Your body’s heck-a-slammin’
If love is good
Let’s get to rammin’

You got the look
You got the look

Look here
You got the look (you got the look)
You must’a took (you must’a took)
A whole hour just to make up your face, baby
Closin’ time, ugly lights, everybody’s inspected (Everybody’s inspected)
But you are a natural beauty unaffected (Unaffected)
Did I say an hour?
My face is red, I stand corrected (I stand corrected)

Annex - Angel_FINAL

Hair – Argrace – Ritsu
Skin – [theSkinnery] – Robin – Shiny Shabby (April)
Head – Catwa – Catya
Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara
Tattoo – Oz Design – Tattoo Only God v1
Dress – The Annex – Sorsha Dress – Fantasy Faire
Shoes – Candy Doll – Carolina Heels

Rings – Yummy – Festival Ring Set –  N21

Pose FOXCITY – Leaning stand
Background – Mesh India – MyLimit Background Natural – Limit8