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Achill Island 0

Feels like Summer.

September weather is usually pretty good here, it’s usually after a bad summer, which thankfully didn’t happen this year. So still time for some icecream! Chic Moda have this gorgeous tank top and skirt available at Fameshed this round, it come in a selection of colours. Single Colour purchases of skirts include the a colour change and Show/Hide HUD for the […]

Dead Dollz 0

Loyal to me.

I attached a tune to the bottom of the post, I think it’s very appropriate for Secondlife.  I’ve said before I’ve been very lucky to have found Ziggy.  He has commented that I’m quite chill around him, but he has me like that, I never doubt him.  I trust him completely. I wish this for everyone. Wearing Hair – [RA] – […]

Events 0

Waiting on him to call..

I’m not really waiting on a call, cos I have to say Ziggy keeps me up to date with what’s going on, if he isn’t going to be around etc, and I have to say I love that because I know, I can decide to be logged in or out. I don’t talk about Ziggy often on my blog, not […]

Blueberry 0

Mad As A Hatter

I’m not talking of me either, because we all know I’m an angel.  Tempy asked if I fancied joining her and I’m always up for a collab, so off we went in search of somewhere.  FaMESHed is open and so many goodies to be had. Tempy is Wearing – Hair – [RA] – Katia Hair – Whore Couture Fair 8 3. – 31. March  […]

Events 0

Send Help!

When I seen this Jumpsuit from !Aphorism I knew exactly what the pic would look like, I love when clothes give me inspiration like that. FaMESHed opened yesterday (2nd) and what a round, after the SL hiccups of the start of the week, we are all settling back to normal. So time to get your lil pixel bottoms over to […]

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Catbird Seat

This was going to be a completely different post, but can I just say, I HATE THE SNOW! Like really detest it!  I spent 30 mins driving 30 metres today and it sucked! I still have to go to work in it again and it scares the bejeezus out of me. So wish me luck cos I’m going to need […]

:::Phoenix::: 0

What’s on the box

So right now I’m watching ‘The Sinner’ on Netflix, it’s sooo good, I won’t give anything away on here, but if you haven’t seen it already, it is definitely worth the watch.  Do let me know though, would love to hear your thoughts. Wearing Hair –  :::Phoenix::: – Iris – FaMESHed (Nov) Skin – YS&YS – Jude Tone 2- The Chapter 4 Head – Catwa – Lona Body […]

!Rebel Hope 0

Early Morning

It’s Tuesday Morning and the start of my week, it’s cold and miserable outside and I have to go out in a few hours, but for now I get to show you the goodies Rebel Hope and Phoenix have at this round of FaMESHed. Wearing Hair –  :::Phoenix::: – Iris – FaMESHed (Nov) Skin – YS&YS – Jude Tone 2- The Chapter 4 Head – Catwa – Lona […]

Luxe Box 0

Waiting for the Storm to pass.

I escaped the storm without much damage.  The Electric and Internet both stayed on, so that was certainly a bonus.  Some people didn’t have it so lucky, so my thoughts and prayers go out to their families. Deets below – Wearing Hair – Pr!tty – Jill – The Season Story (Opened 10th October) Skin – YS&YS – Rose Tone 2 Head – Catwa – Lona […]

!Rebel Hope 0

Lipstick N’ Lace

Back to the start of my week, and I’m not looking forward to that.  So much shopping, so little time.  Shoetophia is open, along with Uber, and don’t forget about Kustom9. Wearing Hair – Besom – Powder – Uber (Started 25th Sept) Head – Catwa – Lona Skin – YS&YS – Rose Tone 2 Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara  Bodysuit – United Colors – Sara bodysuit […]

C88 0

No Place like Home

Especially when its 9.05 am and you stuck at RL work, wanting to get home to go to Ultra and pick up these awesome heels called Bonaire from Essenz. What you waiting for…Go get them! ♥♥ Wearing Hair – Mina – Lily Head – Catwa – Lona Skin – YS&YS – Rose Tone 2 Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara  Dress – Emery – Rataj Loose […]

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Clearing the mind

Ok, so at times I have problems coming up with titles for my posts. Never! I hear you say.  So depending who I am talking to, I ask  them for their input. There was a few, like, ‘My arse is sore’, ‘Don’t do drugs’, ‘I wish I wore leggings’… I was also asked why there was no alcohol in the […]

Bueno 1

Money, Money, Money!

Lay on the money he said, it will be fun he said, THEN he taunts me with booze, how cruel is that! Last laugh will be mine though, cos when he is rat-assed, I’m getting out of this joint with the money.  Good luck finding me! Bueno have released this stack of money at Romp and oooh what alotta poses, […]

C88 0


Cynful have done it again with this hot little number available at C88 for this round.  This is one dress you will have to fatpack for sure, with an amazing range of colours to choose from. Fishnet / Solid / Transparent panels to pick, in the usual Belleza, Slink & Maitreya sizes.  Time to get shopping! ♥ Wearing Hair – […]

(яed)Mint 0

Get out!

Don’t you just hate people peering over your shoulder when you are, hmm busy? *laughs*.  Another awesome pose from Reve Obscura. Red Mint have this messy look up-style available in their mainstore. Wearing Hair – (r)M Hair – No.48’17 Head – Catwa – Lona Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara 4.1 Top – Neve – Andemi – FaMESHed Shorts – Neve – Andemi – FaMESHed […]